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Counselor Program

  • For entering high school freshmen, the CIT program has been replaced with the Launch program. You can find more details here.
  • If you have completed your freshman year of high school, you are eligible to be a Sebago counselor. Please use the application below to apply.

Being a Counselor for the Sebago Leadership Camp is great opportunity for boys to mature, develop leadership skills, and establish bonds with peers. Training for the counselors is conducted through the activities at Chestnut Hill Center.

Will there be monthly meetings for counselors?2024-02-19T21:16:57-05:00

This year, there will be a few Sebago meetings before the camp. Counselors are also encouraged to take part in activities at the Chestnut Hill Center, such as the Edge Program.

Who is eligible to be a counselor?2024-02-03T12:31:51-05:00

High school students entering grades 10, 11, or 12 in the fall of 2024 and young men through college age are eligible to apply to be counselors. Please call Andy O’Meara at 617-755-4644 for further information.

Who is eligible to be a Counselor-in-Training (CIT)?2023-01-02T14:41:51-05:00

High school boys entering grade 9 in the Fall of 2023 are not eligible to be counselors. However, they may attend the Launch program instead. More details can be found at

What training is required of counselors in preparation for the camp?2024-02-19T21:19:58-05:00

All accepted counselors are expected to attend the Counselor/Staff training session right before the camp begins, from June 14-16, 2024.

What is the application procedure for counselors?2023-02-13T17:53:53-05:00

Interested applicants should complete the application form by using the link below. Counselor interviews will be conducted in April.  We hope to communicate staffing decisions in early May.

Apply to be a Counselor

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